Shenzhen SeaSkyland Technology Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen SeaSkyland Technology Co. Ltd is a leading educational software company providing examination and assessment products and service, honored as the National Hi-tech Enterprise, Key Software Enterprise in the National Planning Layout, National Torch Program Project Unit. The company was founded in 1997, with approximately 400 employees. The headquarters is located in Shenzhen with branch offices in Beijing, HaiNan, GuiZhou etc.
Our Vision:

To become the world-renowned examination and assessment technology and service provider.

Product Lines:

  • e-Test Products
Designed for large to medium scale testing, our products cover the entire chain of educational tests, including on-screen marking, proposition support, computer-based testing, test administration, test security, and test data analysis and mining, etc.
  • e-Assessment Products
Includes “large-scale examination data analysis,” “education quality monitoring,” “students’ academic level analysis,” “comprehensive quality evaluation for high, middle, and primary school students,” “internet-based adaptive learning and assessment,” and “IRT-based item bank.”
  • e-Management products
Includes “next -generation diploma certification system,” “Student Card and Growth Records,” and “cloud storage data management platform for educational information," etc.
  • e-Learning products
To meet the needs from the spoken English test required in the college entrance exam and high-school entrance exam, we provide digital courseware, resources, and assessments.
Major Clients:

Include multiple Chinese National Ministries, Departments of Education from most of the Provinces (City, Autonomous Region) in China, and the Education Bureau of many Chinese districts and schools.
Long-Term Strategic Partners:
  • The Ministry of Education Department of University Student
  • The Ministry of Education Information Center
  • The Justice Department's National Judicial Examination Center
  • The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of Personnel Examination Center
  • The Ministry of Finance Accounting Qualification Evaluation Center
  • The National Education Examinations Authority  |

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