PT. International Test Center

INTERNATIONAL TEST CENTER (ITC) is the Country Master Distributor (CMD) of Educational Testing Services (ETS) and Certiport in Indonesia. ITC administers products and services of ETS and Certiport which bring advantages for students, job seekers and Indonesian workforce, as well as help them achieving international standard in learning and skills application.

ITC serves government and private sectors, small, medium and big enterprises, schools and universities, organizations and individuals by providing assessments and accurate and reliable international standard tests, which can be used to prove that they have the best quality.

We will be a key contributor of human and knowledge capital to the largest archipelago in the world.

To add value to individuals and organizations in Indonesia through knowledge and improvement related services.


  • To help employers to hire efficiently, employees work competently, teachers impart productively and students learn practically, by introducing and providing international standards and certifications.
  • To help government departments, business corporations, organizations and schools become more competitive by making available to them world class learning and assessment tools that are fair, valid, accurate and economical
  • To promote research and development, communication and continuous improvement among our clients as we elevate local ratings to global rankings
  • Information Center of International Tests
  • Center of International Tests Administration
  • Center of Internet Based Tests
  • On-site testing
  • Consultations and Benchmarkings
  • Trainings, seminars & workshops

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"After learning about new teaching techniques and evaluation strategies, I consider the program to be more than useful it was essential to my professional development."

– Sergio Ugalde,
Guapiles Region, Costa Rica