Justech is a Tunisian based company which specializes in many new technological fields. Its main focuses are digital content, e-learning, virtual reference libraries, and e-business solutions. It is extremely selective of both its suppliers and clients, where the reputation and excellence of the products and the services are the base of its partnership creation. Therefore, Justech stands out for its strong partners and excellent services. The company enjoys the privilege of a multilingual, skilled team (English, French, and Arabic), which gives the firm a great competitive advantage.

Justech is dedicated to being the leading digital content and solutions provider for both education and business in Tunisia and Africa to advance our society through improving the quality of research, learning, and doing business. This is done by enabling cost effective and efficient access to high-caliber, comprehensive and specialized electronic information resources and solutions.

Justech strongly believes in its values and principles which are tailored to ensure a long term trust and reliability with both clients and suppliers. Justech's team is committed to innovation, transparency, and efficient services.


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It is clear that [ELTeach's] developers have worked so hard to come out with a real piece of art. I feel that I am so lucky for having attended such an outstanding course. It has definitely broadened the sphere of my knowledge and understanding of EFL teaching and learning.

—Teacher, Bahrain